Victory for Danica

We are a group of colleagues, friends, and family members gathered around Danica Ciric and we are calling for your help and solidarity to cover the expenses for her treatment. 

Danica is only 43, a loving mother and a wife. A generous, truthful, and loving heart, Danica is always full of energy and optimism, perspectives and projects, persevering through difficulties and never giving up when faced with challenges. Danica inspires people and makes them better. She always finds solutions in any situation to help others.

Now Danica needs our help.

In September 2019, she was diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer. This invasive type of breast cancer grows and spreads faster than other types of breast cancers, has limited treatment options, and a worse prognosis than regular breast cancer. 

She started radical treatments immediately. Unfortunately, in the course of a short year, her cancer reached stage IV and spread despite the severe chemotherapy and radiotherapy she had undergone so far.

The options are narrowing down, but we are NOT giving up. We, her colleagues and friends, are researchers with a good understanding of the latest medical and scientific advances in the fight against cancer. We know that there are significant advances in personalized immunotherapy for cases of triple-negative breast cancer. However, these solutions are not available in France just yet. BUT they are available in the  private oncology clinic in Germany.

Danica must take this chance. 

This is where you can help. 130 000 euros is the amount needed to pay for the treatment plus expenses in Germany. Due to the pandemic, all medical procedures are taking more time than usual.Given the aggressive progression of her disease, every minute counts for Danica. Time is running out, so time to act is now!

You can make a difference by


Danica is a fighter.

She has the will to live and the strength to heal. Let’s do this with her!

Thank you for your help!

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48 replies on “Victory for Danica”

Hey Danica,
You are really brave, you got this girl. Keep fighting… and smiling 😊
My prayers are with you and your family 😍🙏

All our thoughts are with you and your family Danica, you are so brave (not that it is a surprise!), keep fighting!
Pauline Maisonnasse

Danica, it’s been a while we didn’t see each other , but it seems as it was yesterday ! I know you are among the bravest, so you will keep fighting !! I’m with you with all my heart. Hope to hear good news from you soon. Big hugs to you and your family . Florent.

Hi Danica,
All of us know you are strong and brave. Continue to be your wonderful self, with your beautiful smile and spirit. Big hugs to you and your family
We can do it¡¡¡
Xoan Lois and Susana

Hi danica – Cedo just informed me of your situation all of us over on this side of the world pray for you to have strength and fight this all the way to recovery- my husband and I hold in our hearts a very special place for you especially thinking of your kindness in bringing our son into your home and welcoming him as family all those years ago all the best Alanna and Darko radulovich

Thank you Alanna! It was a one of the best things we did to have your son as a part of our family , it was a real pleasure and we are so happy to hear that he became a good man and now husband and a father of beautiful little girl. I will fight with all my forces and I hope I will meet the whole family Radulovic one day. Love Danica

Thank you for your very kind words, Danica. If this COVID ever goes away, we are planning a trip to Montenegro and would love to come your way for a visit. I hope you get your urgent treatment and I know you are a strong fighter to overcome this! All the very best and hope to see you soon! All the very best the Radulovich Family.

I wish you all the best Danica. I am a friend of Carolina and she shared your story with us, her friends from Switzerland. All my thoughts and prayers go to you and your family. I hope you get access very soon to the treatment that will defeat your cancer.

Thank you Lauriane for the nice words and for the help to spread the word. Have a nice Christmas and all the best to you and your family!

Dear Danica,
I don’t know if you remember me. I had the pleasure to meet you in Jouy en Josas. And the only souvenirs that I have of you are the smiles of your husband & you.
Your couple and your family inspire me kindness.
I want to share you good vibes and intentions.
Even if sometimes it could be hard, don’t give up.
This is the message that I want to share you.
We want to help you to keep smiling ! 🙂
My sincere sympathy for You & all your family,
Setha K.

Dear Setha,
I remember you very well, as a kind and positive person. Thank you for your support and encouragement.
I wish you all the best in your life.

Samo napred, verujemo da ce sve biti kako treba i da cemo narednih decenija citati o vasim uspesima na svim drugim poljima. Navijamo za vas od srca! Oprostite sto ovako iz daljine pisemo i sto smo slobodni da predlozimo – da li ste mozda razmisljali da kontaktirate San Raffaele bolnicu u Milanu?

Danica, you are strongest fighter I know and I’m impressed with how much you’ve achieved since the first day I met you, you’ve overcome many challenges before and I believe that you will overcome this one as well, I hope you will be able to get these immunotherapies as soon as possible. For now I wish you and your family the best strength and optimism in this difficult time. All the best, Julien

Thank you Julien for your generosity and those beautiful words ! it means a lot to me. I will never forget the time when we shared the office and our difficulties during the PhD. I wish you all the best in life, Danica

Dear Danica
Words fail me
we met around 2010, then we met again several times during these 10 years, then finally in Pasteur.
Strength and Courage

Dear Danica,
I loved that I met you in INRA. I have always thought you are an strong woman. I am confident that your bravery and positive attitude will bring you victory. I will be sending you all my positive vibes. Lots of love from San Diego,

Dear Danica,

This is Patricia. I loved that we met in Joy-en-Josas. I’ve always thought you are an strong person. I am confident that your bravery and positive attitude will bring you victory. I will be sending you all my love and good vibes. Can’t wait to hear the good news.

Danica, please don t give up! If there is a treatment left there is hope. I have gone through Breast Cancer two times, my mother 4 times. All triple-negative types…..I am aware that your s has gone to Stage 4, but you can do this!
If you celebrate X Mas, merry Christmas to you and your family! I hope the money can be collected. My donation is small, due to jobloss/covid, but I wish you all the best from the heart!
Nedaj se i veliki pozdrav in Njemacke, Snezana

Thank you a lot for those positive words. I think the same as you, that there is still a hope! Your story is giving the courage for sure.
Marry Christmas to you and your family !

Draga Danice,
Vi ste tako hrabra, borbena, jaka i pametna mlada žena, a takav ste utisak ostavili na mene još dok ste bili doktorant u komentorstvu.
Sigurna sam da ćete uskoro sakupiti dovoljno novca i otići u Nemačku gde je dostupan ovaj novi način lečenja. Pozdravaljam Vas iz sveg srca i Vas i Vašu porodicu.

Vesna Adamovic

Dear Danica,

You are a beautiful woman and mother with big smile and big heart ! I am sure you will win this battle against cancer ! You are a warrior (you have a phD !) I hope you all the best! Cheers, Marie-Lise

Dearest Danitca
wish you happy and blessed year with quick recovery. May this year brings you all the best luck. My warm wishes and prayers

Dear Danica,

You are a colleague from Institut Pasteur but I do not think we ever met. I hope that you will have access to the best treatment for you. Best, Clémentine

Draga Danica,
Zao mi je cuti da se moras sa ovom ogavnom bolesti boriti, ali ti si jaka i ti to mozes! Sve Balkan cure na Pasteur vjeruju u tebe i saljui puno energije, snage i ljubavi.

Hello, I’m a breasth cancer survivor, the same cancer, like you. Only tell you, that you can survive. I will pray for you
From Uruguay

Dear Danica,
I am in a similar situation, though with a different cancer. No words describe the storm, but I tell myself every day that like all storms, it will pass. Hang in there, all your supporters are with you.

Danice, draga mirijevska komšinice,
Mi znamo kako si veliki borac i kako sve što zamisliš to i ostvariš. Tako ćeš i ovaj put biti pobednik uz taj osmeh i snagu kojom zračiš! Navijamo za tebe i čekamo vas da nas iznenadite što pre na Novom Beogradu!
Veliki pozdrav od Čekanovića!

Draga Danice, nastavite da budete inspracija koleginicama i kolegama stipendistima Vlade Republike Francuske. Uz vas smo u mislima, a vi ste u našim molitvama. Srce kuca, tu je. Tu smo još danas i svakog dana kada se probudimo, pruža nam se šansa za novu pobedu. Neke su male, kad nastavimo da radimo ono što nas ispunjava, ili provedemo još jedan dan okruženi svojim najmilijim, a neke su velike, životne. Jedno je izvesno: borba traje do poslednjeg daha, a kad se mnoge dušice udruže u molitvi i zajedničkim željama, kad se mnoge ruke slože, SVE SE MOŽE! Nastavite da budete inspiracija svim ženama iz Srbije koje sanjaju da krenu vašim stopama, na naučni, ili neki drugi način. S poštovanjem, Milica Stojković, prevoditeljka

Hi Danica,

As your colleague and especially as your friend since many years, I know that you never lacked of courage. You have already fighted and winned a lot during your all life! You have been succesful for your family, for your job, for your friends… Now you just have to win for yourself! If you need anything, please just tell me! I trust in your success!

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